Lots more transphobia

Condemning English occupation of Scotland by calling them English dogs, in a Scottish mindset (yes its more complicated than that, but it was a historically appropriate injective against oppressors…)

As part of an explanation about the difference between punching up, and punching down, saying “cishetwhite men are trash” as an example of not-actually-bullying/persecuting/bigoted behaviour, and in fact was just a general “fucking men” exclamation…

They then banned me…

Ending a conversation (twice)

With “Ok Gammon” for some thoroughly gammon thinking.

Calling someone lazy for not wanting to understand the nuance of a position that respects bodily autonomy for the potentially pregnant person, and also allow for vaccine mandates

Commented “Fucking Christians” on a post mourning the burning of the Library of Alexandria, by a christian fanatic mob, who would go on to murder jewish residents, and Hypatia one of the last natural philosophers…

“Called out someone harassing me on my profile, and corrected his misunderstanding of English”

(Last time it was calling someone intentionally stupid for being unable to understand that are about bodily autonomy while are about public and societal health)

So today’s reason I got banned from Facebook for a week is on a post talking about the burning of the library of Alexandria, saying “Fucking Christians!” in response triggered the

My last thought on is how the was used by the torturing genocidal war criminal president who politically benefited from it, to try to attack the very slow progress towards

On this remember how 3000 deaths were exploited by torturers, mercenaries, racists, and warmongers to justify murdering, torturing and exploiting countless people around the world….

There was no honor in the proponents of the only corruption.

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