A libertarian friend of mine said that exposing large sum donors would limit the ability of rich donors to contribute to controversial causes that I approve of…

Its almost like I don’t want ANY large donations to any political causes…

Am I the only person who thinks “We’ve supposedly peaked Omicron, through poorly implemented health mandates, so lets keep doing that until Omicron is no longer endemic”

Rather than “Lets stop all mandates now, because we’re not in crisis, because we implemented mandates”

The BBC choosing to not expose the racism of the tories, as well as its proud promotion of transphobia, Reminds me of Nick Griffin’s speech “Once we're in a position where we control the British broadcasting media, then perhaps one day the British people might change their mind and say, “yes, every last one must go”


@aldroid Ever since I realised this, I’ve been going round seeing people talking about means testing looking like this (I do have to remember that most of them don’t realise they’re also victims of the con)

Means testing benefits is one of the biggest cons the powerful have ever managed to pull.
The means testing of benefits under austerity by the conlib coalition saved no money.
PIP assessments similarly save no money.
Making people give up (and die) is the point.

Who’s surprised that Gorsuch is a Covidiot?

Am I the only person who sees people with brown skin accused of terrorism getting sentenced for multiple lifetimes…

But white terrorists who actually tried to overthrow the US government MIGHT get up to 20 years in prison…

So this was when I was walking during sunset, and I grabbed this squirrel.
It’s not perfectly in focus, and noisy, but I still like the result and plan on playing more with this camera.
(Another in my series)


@aral I’m old enough to remeber when hp would sell you a physical server with extra power that you could turn on when needed (for a few)

@witchy I’m sure that an organisation that seems to exist to facilitate the rape of children has no vested interest in guilting people into producing more victims….

@aral oh absolutely !

Yup I’m doing pretty good I think, still a bit of a chaos demon in a trench coat but it works :)

“Saying cis bodies are weird” on a post talking about the minefield of dating while trans, and asking in reflection whether cis people should have to disclose before meeting…

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