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My last thought on is how the was used by the torturing genocidal war criminal president who politically benefited from it, to try to attack the very slow progress towards

On this remember how 3000 deaths were exploited by torturers, mercenaries, racists, and warmongers to justify murdering, torturing and exploiting countless people around the world….

There was no honor in the proponents of the only corruption.

George W Bush lied and intentionally cost countless lives.

Khalid Shekh Mohammed lied and intentionally cost countless lives.

Neither of them have been criminally charged for their lies or crimes.

A text editor should not compete with photoshop on the steepness of the learning curve.

- Anthony Kennedy
- Susan Collins
- Lisa Murkowski
You are all trash
You are responsible for this attrocity, as much as Trump, and the rest of the forced birthers.

How many innocent civilians will die in the US hunting down ISIS-K?

Why are english schools indoctrinating children as part of schooling....

According to Star Trek’s banned episode (in the UK, due to British censorship) we’re 3 years away from a United Ireland

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